About The Animals
Big Apple Circus insists upon sensitivity to quality of life both in and out of the ring. This respect and care is shown equally for all of our performers, human and animal alike.

Professional Trainers Always Close By

The professional trainers who work with the animals represent decades and, in some cases, generations of experience in working with performing animals. Day or night our trainers are always within reach, sight and sound of their performing animal partners. Trainers' mobile homes are parked immediately adjacent to their performing animals' housing in each tour venue.

Professional Methods, Positive Reinforcement

Like the human performers in our circus, the animals exhibit extraordinary talent and intelligence. A profound respect for these traits forms the foundation of the only teaching method employed by our trainers: positive reinforcement. The physical feats seen by our audiences are actually extensions and refinements of gestures the animals exhibit naturally.

The trainer patiently and gently presents each new situation until the animal grasps its meaning. Success brings lavish praise, pats of congratulations and, of course, edible treats. Should the animal not grasp what is required of it, another, more understandable approach will be attempted.

Above all, this method assures a strong bond of mutual trust, understanding and respect between animal and trainer.

Caring For Our Animal Partners As We Do Ourselves

Animals who live at Big Apple Circus have daily exercise, daily baths, and are fed carefully balanced diets. All of the animals have been vaccinated to protect them from illness, and they regularly receive complete medical check-ups from an expert veterinarian. The horses also receive dental and hoof exams on a regular basis. A local veterinarian is available in each tour venue.

Big Apple Circus continues to be committed to presenting the finest classical circus in America, featuring all fellow creatures with whom we have a working relationship. Big Apple Circus never has, nor ever will, condone any form of animal abuse whatsoever.